Our mission

Our desire is to change the life of canadian children and parents by increasing the accessibility of pediatric formulations on the market.

Mission and vision

We want to improve children’s medical treatments and improve the quality of life of Canadian families for today and for the future. Many life-saving medicines are not made in child-friendly formulations. We believe that the lack of these medications adapted to children should be changed, especially since it is not an issue in other developed countries.

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We want the Canadian government to facilitate the development of meds for kids. To achieve this goal, we will address a petition to the government to adapt the policies which currently discourage pharmaceutical companies from developing pediatric formulations. We can’t make change unless we make noise, so we need your help  to catch the government’s attention and finally make things happen.

 The petition was launched on Friday, July 19th. 

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This campaign will bring attention to the issue of pediatric formulations in Canada so that in the near future, families will have better, easier access to safe medicine for their children ages 0-17. Everyone will benefit. This is not a minor issue, and it certainly isn’t a temporary one, so this project will improve the lives of so many families who must deal with the administration of medicines every day.