Our team

We are an association of Canadian students, who are concerned and passionate about the lack of pediatric drug formulations in Canada. We are excited about bringing together our various experiences and background in pharmacology, biological engineering, marketing, and law, to raise awareness about the issue and to make long-lasting change.

From left to right:

Mathieu Gendron is about to complete his Bachelor in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at University of Montreal. His scientific background and graphic design skills makes him key to successfully communicate our vision to our different audiences.

Marie-Maude Lalonde finished her Bachelor of Business Administration at HEC Montréal and she is starting her Master of Marketing in September at HEC Montréal.  Her knowledge in social media management and her love for children help her to gather a community around this issue.

Genevieve Westgate is currently completing her Bachelor of Civil Law / Juris Doctor at McGill University. She also holds a degree in International Development, also from McGill. Her passion from children’s rights combined with her legal expertise will be instrumental in bringing this issue to the attention of our elected officials.

Aayush Bhat is currently completing a Bachelors in Bioengineering with a Minor in Software Engineering at McGill University. His passion for the pharmaceutical industry accompanied with a drive to implement change within the realm of children rights will help raise awareness across Canada.

Our mission

A vision

We want to improve children’s medical treatments and improve the quality of life of Canadian families for today and for the future. Many life-saving medicines are not made in child-friendly formulations. We believe that the lack of these medications adapted to children must be changed, especially since it is not an issue in other developed countries.

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The goal

We urge Canadian government to facilitate the development of medication for children. To achieve this goal, we: 

Raise awareness: we launched a petition in July 2019 to ask the government to change policies which currently disincentivizes pharmaceutical companies from developing pediatric formulations. Further, we regularly update and educate our 1000+ followers on our social media platforms.

Engage stakeholders: We are engaging with mothers, nurses, doctors and pharmacist to understand the scope of the issue from a variety of perspectives.  

Lobbying: With our growing support base, we will engage with Members of Parliament across Canada to request that they bring our petition to the House of Commons.


As a result of better and easier access to pediatric formulations, we hope that this will promote the health and well-being of Canadian children and their families.