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Off-Label use of drugs

Health Canada authorized drugs and indications 

The state of the international situation

Children's health 

To learn more about compounding

Health Canada

This link proposes a policy on the fabrication and preparation of pharmaceutical products in Canada.  Section 5.1 relates to preparation in pharmacies.

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Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists 

This link proposes information and a video explaining the practicality of pediatric drug formulations and precautions to take in practice.

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To learn more about off-Label use of drugs

Ottawa: Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs 

This report addresses the off-label use of prescription pharmaceuticals. A sub-section discusses the pediatric population and clinical trials in the pediatric population. (p.12-14)

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This fact sheet provides questions and answers on the use of off-label medications. 

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To learn more about Health Canada authorized drugs and indications

Government of Canada

The Drug and Health Product Register includes all marketed drugs and gives you access to information about drug use, drug safety and side effects.

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To learn more about pediatric plans in Europe and the United States

The Commission to the European Parliament and the Council

This report focuses on the impact of the pediatric regulation 10 years after its implementation in Europe.

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To learn more about children's health

Naître et grandir

This site offers reliable and scientifically validated information on the development of children from 0 to 8 years old in order to support parents on a daily basis. 

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