Kids Health Canada is an association created by four Canadian students whose goal is to improve the quality of life of Canadian children suffering from illnesses, and to facilitate the lives of their parents/ caregivers, by increasing the number of pediatric formulations available on the market. 

This is a real concern in Canada! Learn more about this problem by reading testimonials of parents and healthcare professionals. Together, we can make long-lasting change. 

“My daughter has a lot of ear infections. Giving her antibiotics is quite an ordeal. She did not want to take it because it doesn’t taste good. I was shown different techniques to administer it, and it is horrible! It breaks a mother’s heart. The doses of antibiotics were big and we I was stressed every time I had to administer the next dose. Finally, I discovered some tricks by giving her food she likes in exchange for taking the anti-biotics. But, why do we have to go through all this? why not develop drugs that taste good and in more concentrated doses so that we don’t have to give nearly 10 ml per dose?”

Mother from quebec

“My husband and I once had to crush dexamethasone ourselves in the waiting room of a Chlidren’s Clinic when my son had the croup as a 9-month-old, since the doctor needed to observe him 45 minutes after administration and the pharmacy did not have a pill crusher on hand that day. As a new parent I will always remember that experience & wondering if we gave him the right amount, and what to do if we didn’t ( ie were we going to have to try that again? Could we? how would we know the amount then?)  Those 45 minutes seemed to take forever.”   

Jenna from Montreal

“The one thing about her medications was when she was little it was hard to know how much to give her for her exact weight. One time, we had a doctor prescribe the wrong dose of an antibiotic that was 5x the dose for her weight. 

The pharmacist didn’t notice the error before giving us the medicine. I noticed it was really high for a 1 year old and contacted my friend who was a pharmacist to check….  ”

Mother from Ottawa

“Clarithromycin is difficult to administer to my child cause it’s sandy and she vomited it constantly… They told me to try and mix it with yoghurt but it’s impossible to hide the texture so I ended up getting it replaced with another …  

She’s allergic to penicillin and not many of the antibiotics other than penicillin can be made to taste good. It’s very hard when she gets an infection because there are only one or two antibiotics she can take; this will create problems in the future as she is prone to getting streptococcus. ” 


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