We call on the federal government to ease the regulations to increase pediatric drug formulations on the Canadian market.

We identified 3 hurdles to achieving this goal:

  • Regulatory pathways: unnecessary requirement for additional phase 3 clinical trials.
  • Reimbursement: refusal to consider the pediatric formulations and line extensions.
  • Submission fees: disincentive to introduce pediatric formulations

To achieve this goal, we engage with:

  • The public, by launching a petition where they can show their support
  • Members of Parliament for them to bring our case to the House of Commons.

Building community

We engage with the general public and key stakeholders in the health care field to understand the different perspectives around this problematic.

  • We interview nurses, physicians, pharmacists and parents
  • We educate and open dialogue with our nearly 10,000 social media supporters

This stakeholder coalition allows us to demonstrate to the federal government how widespread this issue is.


Increase awareness 

We use our social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to raise awareness of the risks and consequences of the lack of pediatric formulations in the Canadian market.

We share relevant statistics, studies and our own findings from our interviews to the public.

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